About Us

Accommodation Marche is an young company, informal and professional who specialise in rent of location for holiday and in offer of packages holiday.
Our team is composed by an international team with people from all over the world. Proactive young alert to changes who, how our clients, are lovers for travels and quality of services.
Accommodation Marche is the best platform dedicated to tourism in Marche where the upward trend is in fast growing and is intended to improve, also thanks to globalization has ensured that this “heart of Italy” could be seen at the global level.
Marche is a territory still to be discovered that has a strong point of the typicality Italian conservation, are known and loved around the world. Courtesy, authenticity, excellence, natural beauty, breath-taking panorama, customs and great food, are a part of the hallmarks of this people and this land.
Accommodation Marche is a reliable portal for its community, where you can publish, discover, book accommodation and unique tours throughout the region both online and by your phone.
Whether it’s an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, a villa for a month, a cooking class, a tour of religious tourism or a shopping day ; Accommodation Marche keeps in contact the people with authentic experiences of holidays to any amount and offers the opportunity to discover everything you can do in the greenest region of Italy.
The platform offers high quality facilities selected with offering price very high, thanks to the direct knowledge of the owners and managers’ accommodations. In addition to this, the website presents a wide choice of guided tours and experience packages to discover this territory.
A wide choice of all activities that the client can make because our focus is to give the opportunity to live this unique and unforgettable experiences, and all are bookable with a simple click.

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